eSurv is the extraordinary smart video surveillance software which manages and analyzes video streams coming from any type of camera, drone and Google Glass.

eSurv has hundreds of customers who use it daily to monitor risk areas in order to prevent potential danger and to perform powerful video analytics.
Our software is more innovative than other VMS, since in a single platform it allows you to manage, store and analyze, in real time through its Smart Plug-ins, video streams coming from cameras, drones and even Google Glass.
The application can be installed on any kind of cloud infrastructure, as well as on physical and virtualized servers.
There is no other solution that can guarantee all this.
All the features are accessible from any type of computer and mobile device by simply using a web browser. Nothing else needs to be installed as this platform is web based.
By supporting ONVIF and FLIR standards, eSurv ensures easy integration with any camera, NVR and DVR.
Completely web-based, cloud-ready, smart with its Smart Plug-ins for video analytics. These are some of the powerful features of eSurv Different Innovation. Discover more:


The new version of eSurv 6.2 enables the management and the analysis of video streams coming not only from the cameras, but also from a drone and even Google Glass: everything through a system that can also be used in any cloud computing infrastructure. Read more….

Web Based

eSurv allows you to manage your IP video surveillance system from any PC or Mac, without installing any software. Read more…

Cloud Ready

eSurv is a video surveillance solution that can be used on a physical server, a virtualized server, or even in the cloud. Read more…

Smart Plug-in

This software can be easily integrated with smart plug-ins that instantly allow video analytics. Read more…


eSurv allows alerts to be received in real time through push notifications on smartphones or tablets from your video surveillance system. Read more…

Scalable and Modular

There is no limit to the number of cameras you can control and install. We have different editions of eSurv to serve your needs. Read more…